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Launch of Code of Practice for Off Licences

September 2014 - The Lisburn Advertiser

Lisburn Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) recently launched an Off Licence Code of Practice in collaboration with the PSNI and Off-Licence premises.

This initiative is to address alcohol misuse and underage drinking as there is a strong correlation between alcohol misuse, anti-social behaviour and associated crime.

To help reduce the problem of underage and binge drinking Lisburn PCSP is requesting off-licenses to sign up to and implement the Code of Practice which provides guidance on the responsible sale of alcohol.

As one of the most common ways for under 18s to access alcohol is to buy it from adults, off-licence staff will question and if appropriate, refuse anyone who is buying large quantities of alcohol or those who have bought alcohol on more than one occasion on one day.

Staff will also refuse the sale of alcohol to intoxicated persons and maintain a refusals register.

The Code of Practice will act as a training tool for licensees and staff. Premises will be provided with posters and leaflets for display. The Code of Practice is voluntary and there is no legal obligation to sign up to it. It is important however, that everyone in the Lisburn area works together to help reduce alcohol misuse to address the related crime and disorder that is occurring.Those licensees that sign up to the Code are playing their part in addressing the problems that impact on the whole community.
The aims of the Code of Practice:

  • Prevent the sale of alcohol to under 18s; 
  • Raise awareness of the issues of underage drinking; 
  • Assist off-licences and enforcement bodies in reducing adults purchasing alcohol for under 18s; 
  • Reduce the number of incidents of alcohol related anti-social behaviour and associated crime; and 
  • Reduce the sale of alcohol to intoxicated persons.

Councillor Brian Bloomfield, Lisburn PCSP Chairman, commenting on the launch said: “Lisburn PCSP feels this initiative will help address the concerns of alcohol misuse and underage drinking; and it is hoped that the instances of alcohol abuse and anti-social behaviour will subsequently lower. A range of statutory agencies are committed to working together to ensure that this problem is addressed promptly and effectively. I wish to thank those licensees that have indicated their intention to sign up to the Code of Practice. Lisburn PCSP and other statutory agencies will continue to offer support and guidance to licensees.”
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Pictured - Councillor Brian Bloomfield, Chairman of Lisburn PCSP launches the Code of Practice for Off-Licences with members of the PSNI, PCSP and off-licence premises at Lagan Valley Island.


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